ICP-MS Analysis

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectometry (ICP-MS)

What is its use?
ICP-MS detects metals and non-metals at very low concentrations (one part in 1015 ppq). It is used in the analysis of feed or food samples to quantify and verify doses of Heavy Metals.
How does it work?
This technology Ionizies the sample with inductively coupled plasma and then processes it through a mass spectrometer to separate and quantify the issued Ions.
Why switching from AAS to ICP?
-Greater process speed 
-Sharper accuracy of data
-More sensitivity  
-Detects several Heavy Metals at the same time 
-Can test several samples at the same time
-Automation of the process
-Qualitative and Quantitative analysis thanks to the simultaneous multi element analysis


What advantage for customers? 
Using ICP-MS allows getting a greater and more accurate knowledge about the HM concentration in one’s product.
The client gets a precise data about his product, and can therefore assess and verify its compliance with government and market regulations about compounds toxicity.