Outstanding performance in antibiotic testing proved by FAPAS

InVivo Labs took part in last round of proficiency testing from FAPAS, and ranked amongs the best laboratories worldwide regarding the analysis of CHLORAMPHENICOL and NITROFURANS in shrimp, using LC MS/MS.

The performance of a lab in ring test is evaluated by its "Z score", a correct "Z score" beeing from -2 to +2.

InVivo Labs "Z score" was amongs the best with -0.6 for Chloramphenicol, and 0.4 for nitrofurans

      =>download FAPAS results(lab #65)
      =>download certificate of participation

     =>download FAPAS results (lab# 68)
     =>download certificate of participation

In November InVivo Labs obtained also excellent results for testing MALACHITE GREEN and CRYSTAL VIOLET