Mycotoxin is a fungal metabolite that causes an undesirable effect when animals or humans are exposed. Usually, exposure is through consumption of contaminated feedstuffs or foods.

Invivo Labs Vietnam provides a wide range of chemical analyses to identify and quantify the amount of Mycotoxin in feed materials and feed products.

The Mycotoxin analyses include:

  • Analysis of Aflatoxin Total (By Elisa) or Aflatoxin profile (By HPLC)
  • Analysis of Fumonisine
  • Analysis of T2 Toxin
  • Analysis of Vomitoxin (DON)
  • Analysis of Zearalenone
  • Analysis of Ochratoxin

Types of samples:

  • Feed materials: Cereals and grains (Corn, Soybean, Rice bran, Cassava, Rice, Wheat…
  • Feed products: Poultry feed, Aqua feed, Ruminant feed, Pet-food…

Method References: AOAC, ISO, TCVN, GATFA…

Lead time: Normal service is from 4 to 5 days. Urgent service is from 2 to 3 days

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