Invivo Labs Vietnam offers a range of nutritional analysis to complete full profiles of food labeling upon market legislation.

Our service ranges from 5 day standard turnaround to 72 hour urgent service.

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Our Profile Of Nutritional Testing

According to FDA Labeling (USA)


-Total Fat :Saturated Fat,Trans Fat

-Cholesterol -Sodium
-Total Carbohydrate:Dietary Fiber,Sugar -Protein
-Vitamin A -Vitamin C
-Calcium -Iron

According to EU Labeling (Europe)

-Calories  -Total Fat: Saturated Fat
-Total Carbohydrate: Sugar  -Protein
-Salt:Mono and Poly unsaturated  fat,Polyos,Dietary Fiber,Vitamin  -Types of samples:Meat, Seafood,Canned food, Beverage, Ready to eat food, Dairy products…
-Method References:AOAC, ISO, NFV, AAS…  -Lead time:Normal service is from 4 to 5 days. Urgent service is from 2 to 3 days

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