Invivo Labs Vietnam provides a package of proximate analysis in feed materials and feed products including: Crude Protein, Crude Ash, Crude Fiber, Crude Fat, and Moisture.

We also perform other chemical analysis such as Ash insoluble in HCl, Hydrolyzed Fat, Total phosphorus, Available Phosphorus, Calcium, Salt, Total Energy (By Bomb Calorimeter or Calculation), and Metabolized Energy.

Types of samples:

  • Feed materials: Cereals and grains (e.g., Corn, Soybean, Rice bran, Cassava, Rice, and Wheat), Animal meal (e.g., Fish meal, Meat meal, Meat and bone meal, Blood meal, Feather meal, and Shrimp meal), DDGS, DCP, MDCP, Corn gluten, etc.
  • Animal feed: Ruminant feed, Poultry feed, Aqua feed, and Pet food.

Method References: ISO, EC, AOAC, GAFTA, and TCVN.

Lead time: Normal TAT is 3 to 4 days. Urgent is 1 to 2 days.

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